Great Hucklow CE Primary


Welcome to the gallery where you can see examples of our enriched curriculum.
Picture 1 Waiting for Christmas lunch
Picture 2 Comparing weights
Picture 3 So do the teaching assistants!
Picture 4 Children enjoy making a snowman
Picture 5 Raising money at our bake sale
Picture 6 Our fabulous Nativity play
Picture 7 Mary had a baby
Picture 8 Staff cake competition
Picture 9 Dressing up for World Book Day
Picture 10 The staff join in the fun!
Picture 11 Mates!
Picture 12 Making breakfast for Comic Relief
Picture 13 Looking angelic
Picture 14 Watch out Little Red Riding Hood!
Picture 15 Reception children learning their numbers
Picture 16 Loving playing football against other local school
Picture 17 We get a visit from springtime chicks
Picture 18 Drawing during our visit to Tideswell Church
Picture 19 Making Easter nests on RE day
Picture 20 Learning about Islam in the mosque
Picture 21 Wearing our Easter bonnets at the church service
Picture 22 Hearing about the many Hindu gods
Picture 23 Baking bread to sell at our Harvest auction
Picture 24 Learning about fruit & veg at our Harvest festival
Picture 25 Listen to our glockenspiel ensemble
Picture 26 Learning to skip
Picture 27 Clambering through hoops with Mr Wallace
Picture 28 Woodland games
Picture 29 Y5 & Y6 dancing for Children in Need
Picture 30 Our cake sale raised lots of money
Picture 31 Writing numbers
Picture 32 Making faces
Picture 33 Exploring 3D shapes in the classroom
Picture 34 ...and again in the woods
Picture 35 Infant sports festival at Lady Manners
Picture 36 Harvest Festival
Picture 37 matching numbers and objects
Picture 38 Ghosties in the woods!
Picture 39 Look what I can do!
Picture 40 Cutting the ribbon to our new goalposts
Picture 41 Our Nativity play
Picture 42 The wisemen look for the star
Picture 43 The angels visit the shepherds
Picture 44 Musical chairs on party day
Picture 45 Everyone loves a party tea!
Picture 46 Learning about island life from Terry
Picture 47 Cross country running at LMS
Picture 48 Practising rugby drills
Picture 49 And they're off!
Picture 50 Creating structures
Picture 51 Catching the hare!
Picture 52 Amazing woodland art
Picture 53 Dressing up at Peveril Castle
Picture 54 Enjoying The Tempest
Picture 55 Inside the castle
Picture 56 Determination
Picture 57 Companionship
Picture 58 Infants sports day at HVC
Picture 59 Everyone joining in with Sign2Sing
Picture 60 Excitement in the dorm at our residential
Picture 61 Ahoy me hearties!
Picture 62 Action shot
Picture 63 Enjoying a treasure hunt in our woods
Picture 64 Diving for the line!
Picture 65 Learning about yoga on RE day
Picture 66 Our cycling star!
Picture 67 A joint enterprise
Picture 68 Pirates of the Curry Bean
Picture 69 Enjoying the cake sale in aid of Children in Need
Picture 70 Pass it on...
Picture 71 Admiral Hornhonker here
Picture 72 Eee eee
Picture 73 Class 2 enjoying the five/60 programme
Picture 74 Celebrating our sporting life!
Picture 75 Scrub the deck
Picture 76 Enjoying the interval refreshments
Picture 77 Learning about our ears
Picture 78 Limbo, limbo, limbo
Picture 79 Our picnic at Chatsworth
Picture 80 Making our school out of boxes
Picture 81 Making our school in clay tiles
Picture 82 Spider monkeys
Picture 83 Visiting Mompesson's Well in Eyam
Picture 84 Improving our woodworking skills
Picture 85 Experiencing new foods
Picture 86 It's Harvest time again
Picture 87 Parents enjoy a delicious school dinner
Picture 88 A woodland gathering
Picture 89 There's wild animals in our woods
Picture 90 The infant nativity play
Picture 91 The 2014 leavers' race
Picture 92 Forces at work
Picture 93 The winning team - our basketball champions!
Picture 94 Finding out how we are all connected
Picture 95 Making our amazing islands
Picture 96 The rugby team do us proud!
Picture 97 Selling jumble to raise even more money
Picture 98 Welcoming our visitors from Litton
Picture 99 Learning about people who keep us safe
Picture 100 Japanese visitors lead the dancing
Picture 101 Learning origami from the experts
Picture 102 Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Picture 103 Infant children enjoying their singing workshops
Picture 104 "Look at the park I made!"
Picture 105 Heave Ho!
Picture 106 The dads get a soaking
Picture 107 After the leavers' race
Picture 108 It's the egg and spoon race next
Picture 109 It's a photo finish!
Picture 110 Maypole dancing
Picture 111 Country dancing in the summer sunshine
Picture 112 Playing violin at our concert
Picture 113 Cooling off in the cascades
Picture 114 Enjoying our picnic at Chatsworth
Picture 115 Scared? - I don't think so!
Picture 116 No problem!
Picture 117 Happy boys enjoying the residential
Picture 118 Climbing to the top at Whitehall
Picture 119 Performing Alice in Wonderland
Picture 120 It's teatime with the Mad Hatter
Picture 121 Enjoying summer sports
Picture 122 Look at my mud pie!
Picture 123 Hungry baby birds in their nest
Picture 124 Warming up for small schools cross country
Picture 125 Pelting toward the finish line
Picture 126 Making a home for a woodland gonk
Picture 127 In my nest
Picture 128 Gathering important data
Picture 129 Climbing at HVC
Picture 130 Observational drawings in the sunshine
Picture 131 Ravenstor residential
Picture 132 Learning about capacity
Picture 133 Learning how to make a paddleboat at HVC
Picture 134 Showing off the finished product
Picture 135 Telling the story of 'The Lost Sheep' in assembly
Picture 136 Wearing pyjamas to school on Red Nose Day
Picture 137 Musical fun in aid of Comic Relief
Picture 138 This is the way we wash our hands
Picture 139 Washing the babies
Picture 140 Even the big ones joined in!
Picture 141 Learning about Judaism - eating 'forbidden food'
Picture 142 Decorating with playdough
Picture 143 Wearing my Easter hat
Picture 144 Making an amazing birthday cake
Picture 145 Having fun in the snowy woodland
Picture 146 Making Victorian houses
Picture 147 Meeting Father Christmas
Picture 148 Getting creative in the woodland
Picture 149 Snuggling up to a lamb
Picture 150 Junk modelling
Picture 151 Learning about Christian weddings
Picture 152 Making sound
Picture 153 Being buried
Picture 154 Mixing fairy perfume
Picture 155 Making beds at Styal Mill
Picture 156 Brewing and baking for Macmillan
Picture 157 Performing 'A Wind in the Willows'
Picture 158 Risking life and limb with the Great Lorenzo
Picture 159 Eagerly hunting for treasure on our walk
Picture 160 Aiming the javelin at EIS Sheffield
Picture 161 Dancing Russian style at HVC
Picture 162 Hill walking at the Castleton residential
Picture 163 Enjoying a night away from home
Picture 164 Learning about capacity
Picture 165 Running through our woodland for cross country
Picture 166 Enjoying the medal ceremony afterwards
Picture 167 Making rockets with Hope Valley College
Picture 168 Launching the rockets
Picture 169 Proudly exhibiting their art work at the Dome
Picture 170 The Olympic torch travels in style
Picture 171 Creating stained glass windows during RE day
Picture 172 Marking Lent by making pancakes
Picture 173 Baking Easter nests
Picture 174 Parents and children enjoying the beetle drive
Picture 175 Making a staff to celebrate the leap year
Picture 176 On your marks...
Picture 177 ...get set.....
Picture 178 Go! (in aid of Unicef)
Picture 179 Young Shakespeare perform Hamlet
Picture 180 Making Indian sweets
Picture 181 Learning about Sikhism
Picture 182 Singing at our carol concert 2011
Picture 183 Mary and Joseph welcome their visitors
Picture 184 Our infant nativity 2011
Picture 185 Enjoying refreshments during the live nativity
Picture 186 Re-enacting the Christmas story
Picture 187 Racing for the winning line during cross country
Picture 188 Celebrating the opening of our new classroom
Picture 189 Shading during the Indian summer weather
Picture 190 Loving the mud during woodland learning
Picture 191 Singing at our harvest festival
Picture 192 Enjoying sports day
Picture 193 Relaxing at the summer fair
Picture 194 Skipping around the maypole
Picture 195 Getting soaked on a sunny day
Picture 196 Making music at our summer concert
Picture 197 Busy during rural craft day
Picture 198 Enjoying a picnic at Chatsworth
Picture 199 Getting buried in leaves in the woods
Picture 200 Climbing at Whitehall
Picture 201 Making a woodland shelter
Picture 202 Taking part in a Shakespeare play
Picture 203 Canoeing at Cromford Canal
Picture 204 Juniors in Cinderella
Picture 205 The infant nativity 2010
Picture 206 Finding out about the police force
Picture 207 Taking part in walk/cycle/horse-ride to school
Picture 208 Taking part in the K'nex challenge
Picture 209 Meeting the local llamas
Picture 210 Painting a cloth bag on Green Day
Picture 211 Getting ready to race at EIS
Picture 212 Having fun raising money for Comic Relief
Picture 213 Our Christmas carol service 2010
Picture 214 Practising climbing
Picture 215 Learning about biodiversity
Picture 216 Meeting a bearded dragon
Picture 217 Re-telling an African story