Great Hucklow CE Primary

Class 3

A busy day of abseiling, climbing, ropes, mud and even pies with eyes.
Another exciting day at Whitehall. All the groups have been working well together and enjoying their activities  
We've had a fantastic first day at Whitehall. Our groups have enjoyed stream scrambling, weaseling, rock scrambling and a mini cave. We've had a really good night walk in what's left of the snow. 

White Hall 5th - 9th March 2018


Currently, our White Hall trip is still going ahead as planned next week. I have had no word from them that it isn't running and as the centre is closed today I haven't managed to talk to anyone. The forecast is much better for next week on BBC weather; no snow although still cold. I am assuming all the roads will be running clear by then as it is at 72 hours on from now.  

It will be White Hall's decision as to whether they open or not but their website says they will be opening on Monday. Their absolute priority is everyone's safety so wouldn't open if there was any risk. If they do decide not to open, they probably won't make the decision until Monday morning and then might only delay the start by a day. For the time being, please assume that the residential is going ahead unless you hear otherwise. I will tell you the moment I hear anything if it isn't going to run. 





SNOW DAY- Friday 2nd March 2018


Here is some optional work for you to complete if you are fed up with playing in the snow!


Please write a snowy story that contains one of your favourite book characters. Remember to think about interesting vocab, different sentence starters such as adverbs and prepositions and the correct use of punctuation. Try to include some dialogue and describe your settings and characters in detail.


I look forward to reading them all!


Mrs O'Reilly


Athletics at Hope Valley College

Athletics at Hope Valley College  1
Athletics at Hope Valley College  2
Athletics at Hope Valley College  3
Athletics at Hope Valley College  4
Athletics at Hope Valley College  5
Athletics at Hope Valley College  6

Diversity: Kite flying festivals.

Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 1
Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 2
Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 3
Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 4
Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 5
Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 6
Diversity: Kite flying festivals. 7
The children were learning about different kite flying festivals across the world.

Change for Life

Change for Life  1
Change for Life  2
Change for Life  3
Change for Life  4
Change for Life  5
Change for Life  6

Woodland Learning

Woodland Learning 1
Woodland Learning 2
Woodland Learning 3
Woodland Learning 4
Woodland Learning 5
Woodland Learning 6
Woodland Learning 7
Woodland Learning 8
Woodland Learning 9
Woodland Learning 10
Woodland Learning 11
Woodland Learning 12
Woodland Learning 13
Woodland Learning 14
Woodland Learning 15
Woodland Learning 16
Class 2 and 3 had a fascinating visit from The Plague Doctor as they have been studying the subject in history. David came in with lots of different remedies and medicines that would have been used back in the 1600s to treat the plague. The children were fascinated and it was very realistic. Some of the remedies were fairly gruesome! 
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Year 6 get comfortable, confident and safe in the saddle, on their two day Bikeability course.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The junior children had a fantastic day at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. They took part in various track and field events. We were very pleased with the effort and enthusiasm of the children. We were also very pleased with the overall results.

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